There’s an app for that – The IT challenge in the app generation

During my annual holiday purge, I came across one of my most beloved devices at the bottom of one of my drawers – the now-chubby feeling, eight GB powerhouse that was the original iPhone. I kept it, I admit it. It isn’t often that I own something that started a revolution.

The effects of that original device can be seen far and wide. Is it any surprise, then, that I have to add an “app purge” to my annual cleaning now that my iPhone has grown from eight GB to 128 GB of app sprawl and photos (gasp, all that in my hand?!) that help me remember what my rental car looks like.

In fact, I have 12 apps just for photography.

So, what if you are a CIO or IT Director coping with smartphone fallout and the ease of the app generation? To put it another way, what if your organization expects an app (or solution) for every business challenge? And what if you, as a good team member, have accommodated this?

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