THINK 17 attendees head back to the office. What now?

This week, attendees of the most transformative THINK conference ever are heading back to the office. What actionable steps to digital transformation explored in New York City at THINK 17 will these credit union leaders, inspired by engaging speakers, exclusive research and their own peers, begin to put into practice?

Digital is not just a technology. It’s a shift in mindset. That was the storyline of this year’s event. The digital mindset requires an entirely new way of thinking and working. Yet, as we learned through video case studies from The Scott’s Company, Broadway HD and Reebok, legacy companies can get there.

According to exclusive research gathered exclusively for THINK 17 attendees, credit union executives believe in digital transformation and are pushing hard for it. Yet, more than half of those polled also believe they are in an inferior position as compared to purely digital brands like Venmo and SoFi. Changing that position, however, has to come from all levels of the organization, said experts from Google, Disney and the NFL. Each shared that the “how” of digital transformation is an enterprise-wide initiative.

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