This bank tested 90 uses for AI before choosing the top 2—and they benefit customer service and productivity

Citizens Financial Group has explored more than 90 different use cases for generative artificial intelligence. Only two have gone into production thus far.

“We really work to make sure we have the appropriate guardrails and security in place for our general use cases,” says Michael Ruttledge, chief information officer at Citizens Financial.

The Rhode Island–based bank says it has taken a thoughtful approach to generative AI, including the creation of a steering committee to ensure employees aren’t going rogue and developing their own projects. The two generative AI use cases that Citizens Financial says will go live this year include an enterprise search tool that helps customer service representatives answer questions and a GitHub Copilot, developed by Microsoft and OpenAI, to help improve the productivity of the company’s software engineers.

vast majority of bank organizations are either in production or have gone live with generative AI use cases, often focused on client engagement, risk and compliance, information technology, and other support functions.

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