Three Features That Will Change Mobile Money

By Ben Rogers

Mobile data promises much deeper member relationships for CUs that invest well.

We upgraded because of Mint.

First, some background: My wife and I, longtime smartphone users, have been on the mobile bandwagon ever since the Motorola Razr (remember the one that flipped open?) was the coolest tiny metal thing on the market.

But this last year we eased into a comfortable lull, me with my iPhone 4; her with an aging, second-generation iPhone. Sure, Siri seemed like pleasant company and the newest headphones would be nice. But did we need them? No.

That is, until we realized that, the singular nexus of our financial lives, would not run on her older handset. That was a big deal.

Because with money flowing in on payday and out through too many ACH debits, bill pays, paper checks, and savings transfers to count, we needed to know how much we had.

It was not enough to view checking account balances twice a week; we wanted to know at Target, at truck stops, and at Toys ‘R Us how much we have now. So we upgraded.

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