Three fundamentals of data security

by. Walt Laskos

People want to perform their jobs securely, but they don’t always know how.

Want to maintain the integrity of member data? Keep three key fundamentals in mind, advises Ryan Elkins, senior manager, information security, for Diebold, a CUNA Strategic Services alliance provider.

He and Credit Union Magazine Editor Walt Laskos recently discussed these fundamentals and how credit unions should evaluate their core competencies in regards to security.

CU Mag: I’ve been told that point-of-sale terminals costing $5,000 several years ago can now be replaced with pads and cloud access for around $100 per terminal. If costs have decreased to this extent, what’s preventing today’s payment solutions providers from adopting a more sophisticated standard?

Elkins: Cloud solutions are not going to slow down. Providers that can reach multiple customers with single services will have improved margins, allowing for investment into comprehensive security solutions around the services.

In today’s market, a cloud provider that invests heavily in a security program could quickly differentiate itself from competitors.

When it comes to cloud providers, most security organizations are resistant to going that route due to the fact that you are essentially handing the security of your data or systems to a third party. The providers are aware of this and have focused heavily on implementing visible security controls to offer the appropriate level of assurance to their customers.

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