It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room

It’s no secret credit unions need to continually grow and attract new members, yet for a host of reasons, many still aren’t offering a mobile app. It’s a mobile world now. A good, fully-functional app is the smartest strategy to expand your membership and thrive in the next few years, decades, and beyond.  

The catch is, today’s members aren’t typically the kind to stroll into the branch for information.

Thus elephant flies

More and more people are beginning to live their lives on mobile devices. It’s not just a guess.  A recent Nielsen study showed that, across all genders and ethnic backgrounds, 96% of the top mobile users range from age 18 – 44. The majority are under 30. Those could be the lifeblood of your credit union over the next few decades.

Another study pointed out some of these same consumers are using their phones more than they are interacting with other human beings. They want easily accessible information and answers, and they do not want to have to talk to someone to get it. That means for your credit union to reach them, you need to be accessible on their phone. Not “by phone” . . . in it!    

An elephant never forgets

Unfortunately, the truth is, if potential members don’t see an app, they’ll likely just keep on scrolling. Forget quick balance checks and money transfers. Today’s members want the transactions they do most on their phone or tablet.

  • Remote Deposit – a simple click of a camera phone to deposit checks.
  • ATM Locator – so they don’t have to call or drive around aimlessly looking for cash
  • Mobile Loan Request –enable them to start the loan process from anyplace at any time, such as standing at the car dealership.

The good news is, once a member sees they can perform the transactions they use most on your app, they’re more likely to think of your credit union first when life changes and new needs arise.  

You can practically offer a good app for peanuts

There is a number of affordable customizable mobile platform available now that will work hand-in-hand with you to create the customized solution your credit union needs.

“Justifying the cost of a mobile app has been the real challenge to this point,” said Lindsay Risiner, CEO/Manager of Louisiana’s Barton FCU, who recently worked with CU Mobile Apps to create her mobile app with their affordable CUMA Light platform. “But the functionality we’re enjoying is beyond anything we had expected to find within our budget. The start-up investment is a virtual steal.”

Anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant!

With the right, affordable mobile platform, you show you’re providing the products and services your current members want, and those potential, tech-savvy members, especially Millennials, demand. Make the investment today to ensure your credit union’s success and growth.

Paul Matejcak

Paul Matejcak

Paul Matejcak is the Executive Account Manager of Mobile Products for LSC in Naperville, IL. He has been with the Illinois Credit Union System for three years. Before coming to ... Web: Details

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