Tips To Improve Your Website

Last month I had the opportunity to facilitate a session at the Texas Credit Union League’s Marketing Conference on “Reviewing & Improving Your Website.” It was a “tear it up” format where two panelists/judges pulled up attendees’ websites and critiqued them. The judges were Lisa Moore from gira{ph} and Duane Smith, an independent graphic designer.

While many of the comments were specific to the individual sites reviewed, several principles were apparent. Here are some of the recurring tips for improving your website:

(1)    Differentiation—Try this tip: cover your logo on your website and then look at it. Is your site any different than other financial insitutions or does it look just the same? The covered logo test is extremely powerful.

(2)    Busyness—Most sites are just way too busy. It gets cluttered over time. Cut, reduce, and cut some more.

(3)    Use real people—Drop the images of perfect people. Use your own members and employees. It makes your site real and authentic.

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