To Succeed During Uncertainty, Start With Your People

Why leading in the ‘human age’ requires new approaches to the world of work

A new paper published by ManpowerGroup, “Leading in the Human Age: Why An Era of Certain Uncertainty Requires New Approaches to the World of Work,” outlines how companies can reinvent themselves as flexible and adaptable “Human Age Corporations” in response to chronic unpredictability.

In 2011, ManpowerGroup described what it calls the “Human Age” as a complex era where talent, as capital once was, is a key driver of economic growth. The company believes the forces evolving in this volatile age are growing more intertwined, pushing and pulling in different directions until they become impossible to separate, much like a Gordian Knot. As the Human Age is becoming increasingly volatile and unpredictable, companies must prepare for one certainty: uncertainty.

“In a world where economic, political and social turmoil are creating an era of uncertainty, companies’ flexibility and ability to adapt quickly to new market conditions is crucial,” says Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup president. “With talentism now a dominant economic catalyst, a company’s strategies, processes and solutions to navigate risk must start with its people. Only by unleashing and leveraging human potential will a nation or corporation successfully navigate these unpredictable challenges.”

Below are ManpowerGroup’s “10 Principles for Building the Human Age Corporation,” allowing companies to respond quickly to fluctuating market forces and outpace competitors:

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