Top 10 credit union marketing ideas you can use right now!

Credit union marketing ideas you can't pass up!

Credit unions are especially attractive to the average consumer because they often provider a lower cost option for many of the same products offered by a traditional bank. But even if potential customers may realize that credit unions have more to offer than most banks, you still need to get them in the door.

Here are 10 Credit Union Marketing Ideas that will help you get the visibility you need – right now!

1) Website Easter Eggs

In video game terminology, an Easter egg is a hidden area in a video game. Discovering these Easter eggs is always incredibly fun and intriguing to players, so consider planting a few Easter eggs on your website. For example, you can place a small icon in a well-hidden spot. By clicking on the icon, site visitors could earn a special surprise bonus when opening a new account.

2) Make Your Receipts Unique

For most people, ATM receipts are basically worthless paper…and in fact, your credit union probably sees piles of them left behind regularly.  If the back of your ATM receipts are blank, you may be missing a great opportunity. Consider working with local businesses who will offer discounts on the back of the receipts. For example, a local restaurant may offer 10 percent off a meal to anyone who presents a receipt coupon from your credit union. This co-branding could mean that people will consider receipts valuable again – and they’ll remember that your credit union made that discount possible.

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