Top 10 reasons why THINK 16 should be on your to-do list

by CO-OP Financial Services

The traditional credit union purpose of “people helping people” has new meaning in today’s rapidly evolving financial services marketplace. THINK 16, presented by CO-OP Financial Services, is the conference dedicated to helping you thrive in this mission-driven world. From the innovative potential of human-centered design, to the transformative power of culture hacking, you’ll gain insights and practical problem-solving approaches from thought leaders inside and outside the credit union movement.

  1. A perfect setting for a mission-driven meeting.

For more than 125 years, the Hotel del Coronado has been known worldwide as a premier seaside resort dedicated to exceeding the expectations of its guests. The second-largest wooden structure in the U.S. has hosted 16 presidents. And from the early days of electric lighting, to the age of Wi-Fi, it has continued to excel at its own demanding mission.


  1. An introduction to creative disruption.

The credit union industry is changing at a rapid pace. Hear from experts including Samantha Paxson, Sara Critchfield, and Scott Bales how credit unions can create growth opportunities by disrupting themselves through culture-change management and human-centered design.


  1. Discover what being there for members means in 2016.

Credit unions have long lived by the philosophy of “people helping people.” Learn about today’s wider responsibility of helping members navigate through their lives, and explore the opportunities in a collaborative workshop setting and other discussions.


  1. Tap into your creative side.

Everyone has great ideas inside them, and in a marketplace where competiveness is defined by innovation, the more creativity you can unlock, the more likely you are to succeed. Hear from IDEO general manager Tom Kelley on how to foster a culture of creativity and develop processes for continuous innovation.


  1. Experience teamwork under full sail!

Collaboration is something we all strive to perfect, and participating in the THINK 16 Sailing Regatta is a great way to engage in some personal and professional development. Improve on a key skill, and practice your teamwork while racing across spectacular San Diego Bay.


  1. Challenge the status quo with THINK It Out.

How can we overcome fears that have blocked creativity in the past? Or use culture as a secret weapon to make extraordinary things happen? Explore answers to questions such as these at THINK It Out sessions featuring key THINK 16 presenters.


  1. Learn why a little leadership isn’t enough.

Being slightly ahead of your competition at helping people meet their needs can create complacency that costs you the lead. Hear Fast Company magazine founding member Polly LaBarre discuss how developing distinctive ideas can keep you at the front of the pack.


  1. Acquire the tools for culture hacking.

Your company culture can be your greatest secret weapon. Find out how to create a culture that inspires employees and members alike with tips from Robert Richman, co-creator of Zappos Insights.


  1. Get a taste of what others are thinking.

Several industry-hosted breakfast and lunch sessions offer the opportunity to share ideas with colleagues regarding credit union challenges. Discuss what people helping people means to your credit union, while fueling your enthusiasm for the rest of the day’s events.


  1. Explore new ways to make a difference.

Whether it’s shifting your culture, or designing answers with the human needs of the people you serve in mind, THINK 16 will introduce you to diverse thinkers whose ideas you can apply. From Moneythink co-founding CEO Ted Gonder and certified coach Whitney Hess, to GOOD co-founder Max Schorr, the reasons to make THINK 16 part of this year’s to-do list just keep adding up.


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