The top 5 dashboard reports for credit union CEOs

Credit union CEOs have to constantly oversee policy, staff, budgets, operations, planning and reporting. In a single day, they have their hands on many different projects and high-level decisions. Anything that can give CEOs an ‘at-a-glance’ view of the credit unions status is not only valuable to the individual but to the entire credit union. Reporting and analytics are essential information to credit union executives, but an easy dashboard reporting solution is even more important for efficiency and a high-level view of credit union operations. Here are the top five credit union dashboard reports CEOs find most beneficial.

1. Loans by Paper Grade: This report breaks down the entire loan portfolio by credit grade. This dashboard can give a great view to the health of your CU’s lending. knowing the advantages of higher interest rates weighed against the risks of a large number of lower grade loans can give the CEO a view of the stability of the credit unions loans.

2. RDC Deposits (month to date): This dashboard report shows the number of remote deposits made and uses a simple bar graph to display the data. As mobile banking becomes more and more important, this dashboard helps CEOs understand their audience and if they’re using the credit union’s remote deposit capture service. When it comes to managing or developing a strategy to increase mobile banking app downloads and use, it’s important to know when and where your members are using your resources. (Read our article: 5 Fast Actions to Increase Mobile Banking App Downloads)

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