Top 5 Reasons to head to Mini-MAC

The annual Mini-MAC workshop is available to both MAC members and non-members, and is available via live streaming

by The Marketing Association of Credit Unions (MAC)

Mini-MAC is a one-day, workshop-style conference, that will be hosted on November 8 at the California and Nevada Credit Union League Office in Ontario, CA. Session topics include: “Using Big Data to Make Big Gains,” presented by Nate Derby, Chief Data Scientist from Stakana Analytics in Seattle, WA; “Financial Education Through Engaging Storytelling: A Case Study,” presented by Joy Tafarella from CalPoly Federal Credit Union and Tim McAlpine of Currency; “Hands-On Strategies for Credit Union Innovation: A Marketer’s Toolkit,”presented by Innovation Strategist, Lamar Heyward of Local Government Federal Credit Union in Raleigh, NC; and “Culture, Branding and Creativity: Fostering an Agency Environment in your Marketing Department,” a panel discussion with the credit union marketers who have done it.

1. Networking:

Make connections you can’t get without talking to and hearing from other credit union marketers. Even virtual attendees will have the opportunity to chime in and participate in the discussion.

2. Recharge:

Exchange ideas and learn new ones to inspire yourself and your team.

3. Meet expert influencers:

What’s really happening outside your little bubble? Learn from industry knowledge-seekers and experts on what it takes to bring new focus to your work, and to separate your credit union from the crowd.

4. Invest in yourself:

You’re worth it! You want to learn, you have things you want to get better at…so come on…pull the trigger. Invest in yourself, get your mojo cookin’ and take the lead on new initiatives that have been floundering on a list for years.

5. Get a tattoo:

Well…that one is probably up for discussion. but you’ll want to have some fun — and the other four reasons you just read will guaranty you’ll leave wanting more. Which is why if you attend mini MAC, you’ll receive a special, one-time offer and discount on your registration for the 2017 MAC Conference in Austin, TX.

The annual mini MAC workshop is available to both MAC members and non-members, and is available via live streaming for anyone who can’t travel to Ontario, CA. The focus is on provocative topics and strategies credit union marketers can take back and immediately implement. To register for mini MAC and find out more about what MAC has to offer, visit