Top five ways to drive member satisfaction and loyalty

People may wish they didn’t have bills to pay, but overall, they seem fairly satisfied with the billing and payment process. Key findings from the Fiserv Insights: Ninth Annual Consumer Billing Preference Survey suggest speed and ease of use in how they receive and pay bills are key drivers of satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The survey looked at U.S. households’ billing and payment practices, preferences and attitudes – and revealed important takeaways for billers. In particular, the study found five digital services that can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty:

1. Multiple Billing and Payment Options

People want to pay when and how they choose. The average household uses 3.6 bill payment methods per month, and 90 percent of households use more than one payment method per month, according to the survey. Billers that can check off every bill payment channel will likely keep customers loyal and satisfied. According to the survey, 69 percent of consumers said multiple bill payment options would have a positive effect on their satisfaction with a biller.

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