Track & measure goal progress to improve sales team performance

Setting, tracking and measuring goals with your employees will have significant impact on your sales team and broader organization. The key, however, is to collaborate with your team and come up with the goals together. Handing down goals without input can be a passion killer. According to a recent study, setting goals and creating a more engaged team can result in as much 59% less turnover, 21% greater profitability, 17% higher productivity and 10% higher customer ratings than disengaged teams.i

Goals create an environment of productivity by clearly identifying what your employees need to achieve over time. As employees become more productive, their sense of purpose and self-confidence is likely to increase, which can result in happier, more engaged employees.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and you can’t improve what you don’t manage.”ii

The ability to track and measure the progress of employees’ goals is quintessential to the success of your organization –

If an employee’s goal isn’t benchmarked and tracked, how can you/they know if it has in fact been achieved or not? And if you don’t know if an employee’s goal was achieved or not, how can you resolve unmet goals or create new goals that continue to challenge and motivate your employees?


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