Trades Beef Up Regulatory Services While Regulators Rack Up Rules


The expansion of CUNA’s Regulatory Advocacy Report distribution is the latest effort by trade associations to respond to industry calls for solutions to the growing regulatory burden.

The weekly Monday morning e-bulletin, now available for free to members who sign up for the service, features a front-page run down of topics that includes a click-thru link to the full article so time-starved executives don’t have to read through the entire issue, said Deputy Counsel Mary Dunn.

Dunn said she continually challenges herself and her staff to find new and successful ways to communicate the Regulatory Advocacy Team’s efforts with members, collect feedback, and “make sure (members) are part of the regulatory advocacy equation.”

Beefing up its regulatory offerings complements the group’s 2013 legislative priorities, announced in January, which include among its four key agenda items reducing regulatory burden.

Kathy Thompson, senior vice president of compliance, said material her team produces for members also is organized with clear headings that allow readers to “quickly skim through” to find topics of interest to them.

“We know there are a lot of people in credit union land that are responsible for compliance, but don’t live and breathe it,” she said. “In small credit unions, it’s often up to the CEO.”

That means updating the group’s CompBlog frequently, at least once daily, with analysis of new rules, examination tips, and product-specific compliance considerations. In 2012, CUNA posted more than 400 CompBlog entries, she said.

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