Transforming the mobile banking experience with compelling, user-friendly design

Consumers expect an engaging, user-friendly experience on their mobile devices, whether shopping online, arranging travel or managing their finances. To meet the needs of today’s savvy consumers, Fiserv is focused on designing a transformative mobile banking experience – one that ensures a strong and clear focus on user needs.

Two-thirds of U.S. households own smartphones, and more and more of these consumers – 35 million and counting – use mobile devices to access financial services, according to the 13th Annual Fiserv Consumer Trends Survey. Mobile devices have become indispensable to the point where a growing number of consumers only use smartphones to go online, forgoing laptop and desktop computers – even tablets. More than other consumers, mobile-only users – or “mobivores” – are looking for a compelling user experience through their mobile devices, including mobile banking.

To accommodate the surge in mobile banking and provide the best, most compelling experience for all users, financial institutions must rethink the way they deliver mobile banking. The Fiserv design process is based on four key design principles and consumer preferences.

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