Treasuring an inspiration

In life, our paths sometimes cross for the briefest flicker of time with another and we are forever changed. I feel that way about Mr. Clarence Hall.  Mr. Hall received the Foundation’s Herb Wegner Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in 2015. He was 90 then. He passed away peacefully on Monday.

I met Mr. Hall three hours before the 2015 Foundation Wegner Dinner was to start. We were reviewing the flow of the event with all awardees. As I welcomed him and introduced myself, I remember the depth of his gaze – warm, deep brown that reflected so much experience, so much life and just a bare glimpse of humor.

As we rehearsed the order of awardees, Mr. Hall’s grandson offered to help him out of his wheelchair and walk up the stairs to the stage and podium. Mr. Hall would have none of it and walked, back strong and arrow straight, to where he would give his remarks.

Mr. Hall was the third in line of our four award recipients that year. To this day, Mike Mercer, who also won a Wegner Award that year, still gives me grief for placing him after Mr. Hall in the line-up. Why? Because when the video of Mr. Hall’s work as CEO of Issaquena County FCU, silence and awe filled the room.


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