Be a trusted adviser for members

Build real relationships by delivering value in every interaction

Sometimes we’re so consumed with new member growth that we lose sight of where our real bang for the buck comes from: relationships.

We emphasize locking new members into “sticky” products, rather than focusing on what value we can bring to their lives.

If your credit union’s goals include increasing the percentage of members that make your credit union their primary financial institution (PFI), expanding share of wallet within your target market, or improving Net Promoter® Scores (NPS), here is a plan to guarantee you don’t leave those goals to chance.

I’m talking about emphasizing strategic, ongoing, relevant, value-driven member contact.

Building real relationships takes time. It sometimes has nothing to do with a checking account or direct deposit, but has everything to do with trust.

Credit union leaders often tell me, “We want to be the members’ trusted adviser.” That’s great.

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