Turn your checkers and hawkers into solvers

Connecting and consulting with your members in today’s convenience-driven world isn’t easy. They are time-stressed, and they expect a fast and simple process. To meet these rising expectations, credit unions strive to deliver a superior member experience through the staff they have in service roles.

That’s not as simple as it may seem. When you don’t strike the right balance between offering an efficient process and delivering appropriate products and services, some of your staff could morph into one of two personalities:

  • The Checker: Think of a grocery store. The customer fills their cart with what they want, takes it to the register and the checker dutifully rings up the items and completes the transaction. From a convenience standpoint, it’s certainly fast and easy. But financial services are much more complicated than groceries, and members aren’t always in the best position to know or understand, all their options.
  • The Hawker: Have you ever walked into an electronics store and told a staff member you’re thinking about changing your entertainment set-up? Before you know it, you’ve seen 55” LED screens, Blue Rays, DVRs, ROKU, Apple TV, and a host of other choices. That rep conveniently laid out a glut of options. Unfortunately, none of it helped you because it wasn’t focused on your needs. For financial services, running through a variety of products and services is of little help without any context around the member’s financial situation and stage in life.
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