Turn that annual report into a living report

Credit unions should harness the power of technology to provide real-time updates on their financial and social impact.

Back in 2012, I wrote about the power of the annual report. These comprehensive communications detailing a company’s activities throughout the preceding year present an opportunity to go beyond dry tables and grip-and-grin photos to actually telling the story of a credit union’s impact on its members and their community.

They still do that. But, today’s visual presentation tools make it possible to turn a static document people rarely read into something much more. Credit unions today have the opportunity to turn their annual report into a living report.

Think about it. Credit unions are joining the countless organizations using visualization tools like Tableauand PowerBIto both better understand and display data. But why stop with internal use? Why not use that presentation power to provide members a real-time update on how the credit union is performing financially and socially?


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