Twelve steps to bonding with your members

Unlike traditional banks, credit unions have a mission to serve their members, not shareholders. This fundamental difference makes building solid and lasting relationships with their members possible. To make members love their credit union, focusing on delivering exceptional service, fostering trust, and offering financial products that meet their needs is essential. Below, I will explore key strategies credit unions can implement to cultivate member loyalty.

  1. Personalized Service: One of the primary ways credit unions can win members’ hearts is by offering personalized service. Building a rapport with members, addressing them by name, and getting to know their financial goals and challenges are vital. Still, we also need to learn how to think for the members, not just take orders by learning what they want or need, not just do what they ask us to do. Every member should feel heard, valued, and understood as a unique person, not just an account number.
  2. Competitive Rates: Financial products are at the core of a credit union’s offerings. Credit unions must provide competitive interest rates on savings accounts, certificates, loans, and credit cards to earn members’ love. Moreover, keeping fees low and transparent helps members trust the credit union and feel their finances are in good hands.


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