Two Credit Union Credit Cards Lead National Pack, Card Rater Says


An organization devoted to helping Americans make better decisions about their use of credit and credit cards has identified two cards issued by credit unions as being among the best deals nationwide., a website published by the for-profit U.S. Citizens for Fair Credit Card Terms Inc., has identified Navy Federal Credit Union’s Visa Platinum as one of the best low interest cards in the nation.

“Many of us love to keep a low interest credit card on hand in case of an emergency, or to help spread out the cost of an unexpected purchase,” the site noted. “You won’t see this year’s lowest interest rates advertised on television, but you will save money on finance charges if you get to know the banks behind these choice deals.”

“The other winner in this category was the Simmons First Visa Platinum, a card issued by the Simmons First National Bank in Pine Bluff, Ark.

Pentagon Federal Credit Union was recognized in the best introductory rate credit card category for its PenFed Promise Visa.

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