Un-clouding the cloud

Key things decision-makers need to understand before making a move.

by. Ronald Redmer

With interest and participation in cloud-based virtual systems on the rise, credit unions that have not moved their IT infrastructure, e-mail and public-facing systems to the cloud are likely giving the idea some serious thought.

Unfortunately, while many people have a basic understanding of how cloud computing works, appreciating the subtleties can mean the difference between a successful cloud transition and an expensive headache. Even among experienced IT professionals, misconceptions are common.

Correcting these misunderstandings and grasping the basic principles that influence the way different companies operate in the cloud are important for any business. For credit unions and other financial institutions, where the stakes are (sometimes literally) higher due to the amount of personally identifiable information they manage for customers, solid understanding is essential.


When it comes to working in the cloud, operating within a set budget is obviously a priority. One of the complexities about moving to the cloud is that, while you frequently only pay for what you consume, it can be very difficult to predict your level of consumption.

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