Unity One Credit Union on using Zogo to reach high school students

In 1927, the financial cooperative that eventually became Unity One Credit Union was created by a small group of railway clerks with the Great Northern Railroad located in Minnesota who needed a financial institution that would work for the benefit of everyday people like them.

Today, Unity One continues to serve members across Texas, Kansas and Minnesota, bringing smart solutions to the table to help members live life more boldly and achieve financial success.

The credit union has also partnered with Zogo to enhance their financial education initiatives. Zogo caught up with Vice President of Marketing Alyssa Guillory to discuss the importance of financial literacy and how Unity One is using the app to teach high school students the ins and outs of personal finance.

Zogo: How does Zogo factor into Unity One’s approach to financial education?

Alyssa Guillory: We were already doing a lot of in-person financial education, such as budgeting activities for high school students, and this just complements it and helps us meet students where they’re in terms of cost, availability and the things that they’re interested in. So Zogo compliments what we were already offering and everything we’re already doing. It helps reinforce the idea of the importance of financial education when students are in high school.


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