Unlock AI’s often overlooked potential to improve your core processes

Q&A: Conversations about artificial intelligence in banking are typically focused on its use in marketing and customer experience. But Cornerstone's Ron Shevlin argues that AI's most promising near-term impact may be elsewhere, in functions like finance and operations that are often excluded from AI planning. Better yet: Many of these internal use cases can be implemented now — and can deliver real wins in efficiency and costs.

The promise of artificial intelligence dominates technology strategy and planning in the banking industry.

But AI isn’t just about rolling out customer-facing tools like chatbots. AI also has immense potential in backend operations at financial institutions, according to Ron Shevlin, chief research officer at Cornerstone Advisors.

Generative AI can drive major productivity and efficiency gains by augmenting human capabilities in almost every department, empowering knowledge workers in non-customer-facing roles.

In a recent conversation with Jim Marous, founder and CEO of the Digital Banking Report, Shevlin highlighted the urgent need to identify AI use cases beyond the marketing hype. From automated workflows to boosted creativity, he argues financial leaders must search organization-wide to uncover AI’s latent value.


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