Up on the housetop… Real estate trends for 2016

Pause to survey real estate trends for 2016.

Santa gets a good view of the neighborhood from his chimney-side vantage point, but do you know what the real estate and housing landscapes look like for 2016?

Fannie Mae’s Home Purchase Sentiment Index, a measure of current and future consumer perspective on home buying, reflects a dip of 2.4 points in November, according to a recent press release.

“The challenge of housing affordability coupled with tight supply may be preventing overall housing sentiment from gaining momentum as income growth isn’t keeping pace with the cost of housing,” says Fannie Mae.

Views on the “Good Time to Sell” measure slipped six points, although “Good Time to Buy” sentiment was the only measure on the uptick, growing one point.

Fannie Mae chief economist Doug Duncan says this year’s housing market stands to be the best since 2007. However, until incomes steadily grow, “consumers’ ability and willingness to purchase a home is likely to remain an issue…”

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