Using data and insights to drive growth in banking PODCAST

Jim Marous: Hello and welcome to banking transform solutions, a new podcast that provides financial institutions insight into marketplace solutions that can help organizations for the digital banking transformation. I’m your host Jim Marous founder and CEO of the digital bank report and co-publisher of the financial brand.

What is the foundation used to drive growth in a financial institution? If it’s not data – it should be.  Banks and credit unions have a wealth of insights within their account holder data but managing all this data and the accelerated speed at which it flows into the ecosystem can cripple an organization. Now more than ever institutions must focus on leveraging both internal and external data to drive strategic decisions that can drive acquisition, share a wallet, loyalty and growth.

Our guests are Marco Bernasconi President of North Brookfield Savings Bank and Marla Pieton Vice President of Marketing for Segmint. We discuss how using data at the foundation level can drive growth in banking.

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