Using data to identify areas of improvement within your credit union

How do you stack up against your competitors? The question is blunt, answers may cause discomfort, but know this: there is no more direct way to measure the success or failings of a credit union than by taking a deep comparative dive into how it is performing against similar institutions.

Even better: doing peer analytics may uncover growth strategies you need to pursue.

Exactly where do you stand in asset quality, loan/deposit mix, default rates, and profits per member?  Smart computer tools put that information at your fingertips.

Historically of course a credit union executive has waited for release of call report data by the regulator and used that as a way to benchmark against competitors. That was good, for its time. But there now are more pinpointed – and up to date – ways to do this benchmarking.


The secret: peer analytics software that automates the benchmarking and also let a report be created as wanted.


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