4 travel tips to vacation in style

With the summer travel season upon us, I’m back with a new two-part series packed full of money-saving travel tips. In this first part of our series, we’ll explore why traveling is a smart financial choice and show you the most exciting, affordable destinations for 2016.

Taking vacation time and traveling to a favorite place or a new destination can help you recharge and reduce stress. The change of perspective it provides can help you broaden your mind; it also helps you create precious memories with your family and friends. Yet, in these tough economic times, many people opt for staycations instead of traveling, as they feel that their dream vacation is financially unwise or out of reach. Well, I’m here to show you that you can afford to take a real vacation, and I’ll even help you have money left over.

While it’s true that vacations are usually one of the big-ticket items on your yearly budget, travel is still a financially smart option. In fact, making the choice to travel and setting that as a goal will help you learn to budget more wisely and perhaps be more frugal in other areas, cutting back on eating out or entertainment, for example.

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