Video banking comes of age in the time of COVID-19

Service options that offer a personal touch at a safe distance are gaining in popularity among members and those who serve them.

Virtual tellers are serving members with a smile, be it via stand-alone machines or handheld smartphones.

Shuttered lobbies have forced members into drive-thru teller lines and onto digital channels like mobile apps and online banking. Also surging is the use of interactive teller machines and their successor, mobile apps that provide a live teller experience.

Not on the forefront of this technological revolution? No worries, Pioneer FCU, Idaho Central, and Y-12 FCU offer best practices and lessons learned from their experience as early adopters.

Each has a different strategy for video technology. Pioneer uses both a video mobile app and ITMs. Idaho Central does it all with the app and no ITMs. Y-12, on the other hand, is all ITMs. But all three have shared the common experience of a huge surge in contactless banking as the pandemic shut down their lobbies. Here, they share some of that experience.


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