Video Length Matters For Ads

By Melissa Forsyth

Make sure the time your online video ad runs neither bores nor annoys viewers.

  Don’t you wish you could just fast-forward through those 15-second ads before online videos? The majority of online video watchers do. Chances are if you get annoyed with waiting 15 seconds to watch what you want, then your audience is annoyed with your own online video ads.
These pre-roll ads are on YouTube, Hulu, and in many news outlets’ videos. Credit unions might consider exploring online ads to promote their commercials and promotional videos to a wider audience. But they have to be careful about how long to run them, and shorter doesn’t necessarily mean better.
You may think that 15 seconds is a short enough video that people won’t mind watching, right? But the “shorter is better” view of video advertising is being challenged by a new study by the Jun Group, an advertising agency that pioneered the opt-in or optional ad approach to video advertising. After analyzing almost 8 million video ads, the Jun Group found that the 30-second to 60-second ad length is actually the sweet spot for consumers.
Perhaps viewers are paying more attention to the video ads in front of them than we first thought. Why exactly do viewers engage more with videos that are 30 to 60 seconds?
If your video ads follow the standard introduction-body-conclusion format of storytelling, then 15 seconds is not enough time to convey your message. And consumers are used to short stories in commercials. On the other hand, viewer engagement drops after the 60-second mark if your stories aren’t short enough.

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