Virginia man pleads guilty in CU HELOC case

A credit union HELOC case captures the attention of the national media.

A former Congressional IT employee pleaded guilty last week for making a false statement on an application to get a home equity line of credit from a Virginia credit union.

The case captured national headlines when public allegations surfaced that the former employee, Imran Awan, stole U.S. House of Representatives equipment and was involved in unauthorized or illegal use of its computer systems. However, federal prosecutors said they found no evidence that supported the public allegations against Awan, according to a plea deal filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C. on July 3.

These allegations were posted primarily by right wing media outlets for months. Even President Donald Trump wrote in one of his Tweets in June making unsupported claims that Awan agreed to a plea deal to “hide what is on their Server,” referring to the Democratic National Committee server.

As part of the plea deal, federal prosecutors agreed to drop all felony charges against co-defendant Hina Alvi, who was married to Awan, according to court documents.


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