Visa unveils prototype ring of payment power

Asking how many different technologies consumers will tolerate when it comes to paying for their goods and services is a bit like asking how many more superheroes moviegoers will countenance in the latest “Avengers” film.

The answer so far seems to be: More is more, plus or minus one Ant-Man.

“As would-be superpowers go, it’s hardly on par with … Superman being able to shoot lasers from his eyes.” 

Continuing on the superhero tip, anyone who wants the seeming superpower of being able to wave their hand over a point-of-sale terminal to pay for goods and services: Your moment has arrived – so long as your credit holds out.

Behold the first-ever “payment wearable ring,” unveiled by Visa this week. It blends a “secure microchip” made by Gemalto with an embedded NFC-enabled antenna, and it’s water-resistant to a depth of 50 meters (55 yards).

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