A volunteer-focused leader

Bruce Foulke started one of the first credit union charitable foundations.

When Bruce Foulke took over as CEO of American Heritage Federal Credit Union in Philadelphia 38 years ago, the credit union had one office and $4 million in assets.

Today, it boasts 33 offices and $2 billion in assets.

Foulke also founded one of the first credit union charitable foundations, Kids-N-Hope, which has been instrumental in developing a music therapy program for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Since its inception, Kids-N-Hope has raised $1.5 million.

“I’m still an old-fashioned guy. Ironically, neither of my parents graduated from high school, and my dad always said, ‘believe in God, believe in your country, and believe in your family.’ I’ve always stuck to those principles.” he tells the CUNA News Podcast.


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