Watch out for the moose!

Listen to what vendors have to say, as they could help you avoid hitting a major barrier.

It’s a fact that change comes easier to certain people compared to others. While some embrace change as a chance for a new beginning, others look at it as a departure from the norm, extra work and an opportunity for failure. Some want to forge ahead, and others want the status quo to remain.

Consider retiring CEOs and department heads as examples; like second-term presidents, they can be reluctant to change. However, incoming CEOs and new department heads more often see the stagnation with “fresh eyes” and breathe new life into an organization. Still, fearful managers don’t take chances and are replaced in short order. Others invest the time to know the options, make educated recommendations and move ahead successfully.

A few years ago at a CUES event in Iowa, I presented attendees with a small, inexpensive marketing piece. On the front of the piece in red letters it shouted, “WATCH OUT FOR THE MOOSE!” To go along with this gift, I told the audience a brief story about a credit union executive who was driving down a forested road late in the evening. His seatback was adjusted just right, the temperature inside the car was perfect and he had a relaxing radio station playing.


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