#Wearables tee off at golf tournament

Wearables are gaining ground as these versatile, cutting-edge technologies continue to combine payment capabilities with clothing and accessories in new, innovative ways. In fact, golfers now have the opportunity to pay with their golf gloves.

During the Arnold Palmer Invitational, recently held in Florida, MasterCard utilized its tournament sponsorship to experiment with a variety of payment and wearable technologies. Participants tested a payment-enabled glove which allowed them to simply tap the point-of-sale (POS) system for refreshment and merchandise purchases. MasterCard developed this wearable technology through a partnership with Calloway Golf.

Tournament attendees also experienced virtual reality commerce. Through a collaboration with start-up Wearality, MasterCard developed a virtual reality experience consumers could shop in. Consumers were able to identify an item within the virtual experience, such as a golf shirt, and buy it right there.

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