What can a CUSO Loan Origination Platform do for your members?

Lending Challenges

An exceptional member loan experience is the path towards membership growth. Who better to help with the member loan experience than a Loan Origination Platform built by a Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) with a heightened focus on the member experience? The benefits of working with a CUSO partner that truly understands the Credit Union business model might start with an auto loan, but that great user interaction can grow your member base with word of mouth marketing, upselling of other services, increasing deposits and growing revenue.

But a bad experience can ruin that opportunity. Why risk working with a cookie cutter, one size fits all LOS, that nickel and dimes you with fees, when you can partner with a CUSO, who is as committed to your user experience as you are to the member experience?  Sync1 Systems understands the challenges you face every day. The Sync1 Systems’ 1-Lending Loan Origination built by and for credit unions is the right tool to achieve an excellent member experience.

It brings you an agile, highly configurable, cloud-based loan origination platform that allows you to focus on the member experience while providing the best rates as fast as possible, designed to promote growth on both lending and membership, using the latest cloud-based infrastructure to deliver an intuitive, scalable and secure suite of solutions, adaptable to every member’s specific needs, with key features such as:


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