What financial marketers see as priorities and challenges for 2024

Digital disruption is reshaping the competitive landscape and consumer expectations. New research indicates that financial marketers face urgent pressure to evolve their capabilities and strategies to keep pace. The imperative is to reinvent marketing to drive deeper consumer engagement.

Financial marketing is at an inflection point. Advances in technology have paved the way for an era characterized by personalized experiences.

In the past, most financial marketing relied on mass media to deliver messages to broad audiences. Precision was difficult to achieve, and success hinged on scaled communication. Even direct marketing used basic data elements to reach large segments of customers and prospects, with only minimal levels of personalization.

However, the digital landscape has changed everything. Financial marketers have the ability to better understand each consumer and tailor their communications accordingly. We have entered an era of “segment of one” marketing, where relevance is paramount.

So what does it take to succeed now?


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