What My 3-Year Old Can Teach Credit Unions About Online Marketing

Here are three tips to inject the creativity and resilience of a child into your online marketing campaigns.

By John Siracusa, President & CEO at mOSa eBank Marketing Services

The financial industry desperately needs a fresh approach to online marketing — one that is open to new ideas and outcomes. Unfortunately, bank and credit union marketers are usually too afraid to try new things. Not kids. They are willing to experiment without any fears about looking silly or stupid. In fact, some of the most important things I have learned about financial marketing came from my three year old daughter. Here’s three of the lessons she’s taught me.

1. My daughter learns from past mistakes

One thing that all children have in common is how to recover from their past mistakes. Not only are they able to brush themselves off, they learn and adapt, and become wiser. In fact, by the time a child is three years old, they are already capable of laying out a strategy in advance to get what they want. When my daughter asks my wife for something, and she gets told no, she doesn’t give up. In fact, she takes it as a personal challenge to overcome an obstacle. She makes light adjustments to her behavior or the way she asks, and tries again. She will keep trying until she gets what she wants.

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