What one credit union is doing to promote youth savings

Picture this: you’re in the grocery store and throughout the entire shopping trip, your child is asking for everything and anything within reach. You remain calm and respond with a firm, “no”, because you already planned your meals ahead, set a budget, and have been really disciplined in sticking to it. Go you, savvy saver!

Your child makes one final attempt as you’re heading to the checkout, asking, “Can I have this candy bar, please?” Then, it happens: You snap, “Do you think money just grows on trees?!”

Instant guilt rushes over you, and then it dawns on you that your 5-year old probably has no concept of how much a candy bar costs. Even though you have done your homework and understand how it all works, your child does not. The reality is that many kids don’t know where money comes from, how to save it, budget it, or invest it.

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