What to do when a teammate doesn’t respect you

You know they don’t respect you.

Maybe they parked in your parking spot. You know, the parking spot that’s not marked just for you, but that everyone should know not to park in because it’s just for you. Maybe they lumped you in with other, lesser humans on the “To” line in an email when you deserved your own special “To” line on that email, given your preeminence among them.

I’m just kidding. I know you’re not that idiotic. It would take a pretty ridiculous human to get worked up about stuff like that. But there are times when you just kind of get the feeling that someone might not like or respect you for one reason or another.

And look, that’s going to happen, right? None of us is naive enough to think that everyone is going to love everyone all the time. But as leaders, what do we do when we get that feeling? How should we respond when we get the sense something is off between us and someone on our team?

Here are some thoughts.


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