What we learned from the “Humans of Credit Unions”

At Zogo, we spend a lot of time talking to people — about their lives, about their financial worries, about what they wish someone had taught them about personal finance.

A few months ago, we launched our “Humans of Credit Unions” page on Facebook. Here, we posted anonymous stories of real-life credit union members about their financial mistakes mishaps. It became a collection of financial lessons learned the hard way.

As you scroll through the page, you quickly learn what we here at Zogo already know to be true: lots of people, especially young people, are stumbling into preventable financial pitfalls simply because they didn’t know any better.

Every time I need to remind myself of the importance of the work we do here at Zogo, I like to think of something Simran, one of our co-founders, once said to me: “We live in a pretty complicated financial system, and we’re kind of just thrown into it. We’ve heard some pretty bad financial stories from some of our users — crippling college debt, or mismanagement of debt, taking cash and doing irresponsible things with it — that they later regret. If at some point, we’ve helped someone not do that and make the decision they wanted to make, then we’ve done something cool.”


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