What your credit union needs to know about Facebook

These days, it’s a pretty safe bet that everyone’s on Facebook. Honestly, it’s kind of weird when you meet someone who doesn’t have an account. Facebook has become the way you can reconnect with your cousin’s weird friend you met at a birthday party once, if you really wanted to.

Since Facebook accounts are such a ubiquitous part of people’s online lives, every brand imaginable has jumped on board to try to leverage this online presence. Credit unions are no exception, though they’ve met with varying levels of success.

Some credit unions have thriving Facebook pages and groups, where others seem to just kind of exist. They don’t know what to post or promote. If your credit union has been just kind of existing online, here are some guidelines to help you turn your poorly-kept page into a Facebook phenomenon:

Figure out where you are, and where you want to be

There are a few questions you need to ask yourself when you start looking at leveraging Facebook for your credit union. First off, are your members using Facebook? The answer is probably yes, but you can’t just make assumptions. You might find that your oldest members aren’t online as much as your younger members, or even that your oldest members are the most active Facebook users. But do your members like and follow your page? You shouldn’t be shouting into the void and wondering why no one is answering.


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