What’s worse: Data breaches or government surveillance?

by. Ron Shevlin

What the hell is wrong with 45% of you? I understand that you’re entitled to your opinion, but our free speech laws protect my right to tell you that you (well, at least 45% of you) are crazy.

That’s what I’m left concluding after seeing the results of a consumer survey conducted by a company called idRADAR. The survey asked:

What concerns you more, data breaches or government listening to your private phone or email conversations?

Forty-five percent of respondents said government surveillance.

Really? The percentage of Americans that use a debit or credit card to make payments is huge. The Identity Theft Resource Center recorded 614 breaches in 2013, an increase of 30% over the total number of breaches tracked in 2012. And, as the ITRC reports, many breaches go un- or under-reported.

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