When you don’t want what’s in your inbox anymore

On recent road trip, I discovered something interesting about how we use our mobile devices when it comes to communicating and processing information. And how it affects traditional communication channels like direct mail.

We were traveling with friends (4 hours in the car), who in my opinion, are heavy mobile users for most daily tasks and communication. 75% of the time spent on the phone was communicating to family and/or friends. But when it came to the Email Inbox, I found most were deleted or skipped over. They would read the email only if the subject line caught their attention. In one case, it was an email from a major retailer- 25% off now thru Sunday.

It made me wonder how effective email really is – especially since we are a direct marketing provider to credit unions. I have found our experience and opinion matters, almost like a consultant, when it comes to reaching members effectively. We see trends come and go, and for a while it seemed like credit unions may trade their direct mail communication for email, with the thought email would be more effective than direct mail.

I was afraid the email would become the primary communication and actually be more effective and therefore, we would produce less direct mail. But the opposite has occurred. We’ve been able to produce more member targeted direct mail, achieve results for our clients, and yet, still develop email only as a secondary message. I also realized that there is less in the mail box these days, so any direct mail has a higher percentage of getting noticed.

So, as you plan product marketing promotions and member communication for next year, look at your communication channels and the value you put on them. If you consider the mobile device, realize you have only about 8 seconds to capture their attention. Whereas, direct mail will have a longer shelf life and be more effective.

Kerry Blom

Kerry Blom

Kerry is part owner of Pinpoint Direct Marketing in Andover, MN, a credit union based digital printing company. She has over 20 years experience in the industry. Pinpoint Direct Marketing ... Web: www.pdmkt.com Details