Which social platform should you use?

by. Fatemeh Fakhraie

You want to get the most out of your social media efforts with the least amount of time, right? Of course you do–there’s no use trying to cram a square block into a triangle-shaped hole. So here are some strategies to make sure you’re working smarter for your social media, not harder.


Facebook is a very visual platform that welcomes comments from customers. To get fans engaged, share images, hold polls, and hold contests that allow them to share with you.

Keep text-only or link-only status updates sparse (those are better for Twitter, anyway).

Use your Facebook Insights as a guide on when to post. Their algorithm is incredibly sensitive to time data. And don’t forget how important sponsored posts are becoming! There’s a good chance you’ll need to allocate some marketing dollars for this.

Check out our blog post on using Facebook for small businesses to learn more about the best way to use Facebook.


Twitter is the place to share news and information. This is the perfect place for updates about closures, exciting new products, events, and interesting links your customers might be interested in.

Don’t worry about generating a ton of tweets by yourself: retweeting others (especially other local businesses’) is a great way to share relevant news and events with customers.

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