Why leaders shouldn’t focus solely on results

The title of this blog post might seem a little counterintuitive. After all, it is our duty as leaders to ensure our organizations and companies are working toward their mission and ultimately achieving results. We want to create value, we want to grow, we want to stay in business.

But another one of our duties is to lead our teams effectively. If we’re creating an environment in which achieving results – at any and all costs – is the only thing that matters, our employees won’t feel fulfilled in their roles.

This approach is what leadership guru Art Petty describes as “transactional management” and he argues that it “promot[es] short-term results while sacrificing engagement, loyalty, creativity, and respect.”

Here are nine tips he offers to achieve results in an effective way:

  1. Lead first with respect. No one wants to work for a jerk. Even in tough situations, respectful communication is key in ensuring employees know they are valued.


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