Why learning programming can be a boon for your career in the financial industry

The world of coding, especially as it relates to the financial industry, is understandably vast. Don’t let this intimidate you. If anything, it should excite you about all the different entry points it creates for an inquisitive mind!

Learning the language or code behind the software you use in your everyday life (core processing software, online banking, mobile applications, etc.) can help give you a more well-rounded understanding of how it functions in its current state, but also can provide you with insight on future implementations, and grant you the vernacular to properly engage with development teams and explain what end-users are truly looking for.

An underrated aspect of learning coding is that when you have learned one language, very rarely do you need to start over from zero when adding a new coding language to your vocabulary. Generally, most logic functions the same in the major languages, it is the keywords or syntax that may change slightly.


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