Why the cloud matters

Recently, we hosted with CUInsight a webinar featuring Think|Stack CEO Chris Sachse, AWS Principal Strategist George Estrada, and Chad Ritchie, Chief Information Officer for Ventura Credit Union. They explored the disruptions and member demands driving digital transformation across the credit union industry.

Credit unions, like other financial institutions and businesses across all industries, are rapidly responding to the increased volatility from the pandemic to cyber threats that are impacting the way credit unions operate and changing the demands of members. In a fast-moving world, members are seeking businesses that can be agile and innovative to provide secure, digital experiences. As a highly regulated industry, credit unions are held to a high standard amid complex challenges.

Sachse shared, “We have to put people before technology. Certainly, credit unions need to catch up with the rest of the financial industry, but they can’t add new technology for the sake of technology. They need to understand what drives and motivates the people they serve – employees and members.”

Despite increased cybersecurity risks that could impact the protection of member data, many credit unions have yet to accelerate their digital transformation journey.


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