Why we do what we do

by Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN)

In today’s environment of uncertainty, it is more important than ever to have relationships that you can count on to help bring about some sort of structure.  As with any successful relationship, communication, flexibility, and mutual benefit are key.  The Armed Forces Financial Network and Defense Credit Union Council have such a relationship that benefits not only each other but also the Member Participants that participate in both organizations.   

DCUC and the Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN) teamed up this summer to celebrate AFFN’s 35th Anniversary by offering DCUC members the opportunity to co-brand a special “Why We Do What We Do” video. The video captures what it means to be a defense credit union and serve the military community. It highlights the unique aspects of military life while showing that despite these differences, military members are still pursuing the same dreams as everyone else: a better life, a better country, and better tomorrow.

In offering this free marketing tool, DCUC and AFFN recognized the important work defense credit unions do and celebrated their dedication to their communities. This video was a small way for DCUC and AFFN to say thank you to their members. To date, 64-member credit unions have taken advantage of the opportunity to co-brand.  Click here to watch “Why We Do What We Do.”   

These defense credit unions have utilized the video in a variety of strategic and creative ways to promote what it means to serve their military community. The co-branded video has been shared on “About Us” pages, across social media, and in-branch lobbies. One credit union is even testing it for use as an external commercial in their local market area. The video continues to be a great way to reaffirm commitment to the defense community, promote defense credit unions, and attract new members.

The defense credit union community makes a big difference to service members, veterans, civil service and their families every day. If your credit union serves the military community and is interested in learning more about the DCUC/AFFN difference, and learn more about becoming part of this long-term partnership, contact DCUC at alert@dcuc.org or AFFN at scott.duszynski@affn.org to see how we can help you better Serve Those Who Serve Our Country.